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Vegetation survey

Why study Practice in Applied Ecology?

Practice in Applied Ecology is a 30 ECTS program that runs all year round. The course is an internship program, where you can work on the current research projects running at the Faculty of Applied Ecology and Agricultural Sciences, and gain experience with different methods in research in applied ecology. Each student should stay minimum 3 months. At the end of the stay, the students write a final report, describing what they have learnt during the internship.

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What kind of expertise will I gain?

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Vole trapping

You will gain expertise in working in the field with many different methods, but also in the lab and with data handling. Typical methods used are: forest monitoring, radio-telemetry, GPS-technology, ground-tracking on snow, population monitoring, population estimates, and biodiversity assessment. You will usually be working with a team of students and a project leader/researcher as a supervisor. "Practice in applied ecology" may give you the working experience you need to get a job after ending your studies.


About the programme

Study plan 2017-2018


Admission requirements

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Snow tracking with snow shoes

The study is open to students from partner institutions that have relevant education at bachelor level in areas such as ecology, forestry, wildlife-management, environmental sciences, evolution and agriculture or likewise.

We prefer students that are motivated to learn, and that can work hard. During fieldwork, days may often be longer than normal working days, and you may be expected to work during nights or weekends. You should have a driver’s license and experience in driving on forest roads, because in most fieldwork we have to drive to the field site. It would also be useful if you bring your own car. If you wish to come in the winter time (Oct-March), cross-country skiing abilities in rough terrain may be required. Winter work can be tough and cold, and requires experience and a lot of warm clothes. In general you should be in physically good shape to do fieldwork. 

More practice-places are available in summer time (April – Sept) than in winter. The number of places is dependent on the ongoing research projects, and how many students they need, and may vary. Take a look at our research projects to see what you may work with.



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Pellet counts


Further studies

 ”Practice in applied ecology” is useful for students that are planning a master degree in ecology or related subjects. This study program can also be combined with "Nordic Forest and Wildlife Management" or "Ecology and Conservation".

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