Why study Nordic Forest and Wildlife Management?

Sustainable use and management of natural resources are not any longer of national, but of cross-boundary concern. Regarding global impacts such as climate change, you will, as a future manager of natural resources, as a scientist or as a teacher, need an international approach. Combined with your higher education studies in any green field, this program will help you to widen your horizon and to improve your understanding of natural resource management.

What kind of expertise will I gain?
  • The Nordic view in management of forests and wildlife;
  • Existing conflicts between man and the environment in the interior landscapes of the Nordic countries, with regard to environmental issues, husbandry, economics and rural development.
  • Current issues and scientific methods in forestry- and wildlife management.


About the programme

The study is a full time basic study at bachelor level extending 4 months and consisting of 30 till 37,5 ECTS credits. In block 3 we recommend students to choose two courses among the three offered. The study is given each spring (from mid-February to mid-June). The study may be used as part of a bachelor or master degree.

We offer various courses that can be combined to complete the present study program. Students may choose from the following courses:

Block 3 mid February - beginning of April

Block 4 beginning of April - mid June

During block 3 and 4:

  • Norwegian language (5 ECTS)


Admission requirements

To enter the study it is required that the student can confirm to have fulfilled at least one year at a university or university college in the world within the fields of wildlife biology, biology, ecology, evolution, forestry, agriculture, environmental sciences or likewise, or have achieved the bachelor degree in such sciences. We encourage national students with equivalent competence to apply.

Further studies

In combination with other studies that complete a bachelor degree, Nordic Forestry- and Wildlife Management will improve the students’ ability to apply occupations within forestry- and wildlife management, and in particular such occupations with an international perspective. Combined with the English-taught study program Ecology and Conservation (30 ECTS credits, mid-August to mid-December), the program adds up to a one-year study.

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