Why study Ecology and Conservation?

Excursion Jutulhogget

Picture: Izabela Wierzbowska

We primarily target international students and professionals that have a dedicated interest in wildlife and the interaction between man and the environment. Herein we target international professionals that will deepen their competence in ecology and get an introduction to wildlife research.

What kind of expertise will I gain?

  • Ecological theory with special emphasis on conservation, biogeography, evolutionary biology and population dynamics;
  • Existing conflicts between man and the environment on a global perspective;
  • Current issues and scientific methods in ecology and wildlife research.
About the programme

Picture: Izabela Wierzbowska

The study is a full time basic study at bachelor level extending 4 months and consisting of 30 ECTS credits. The study is given each fall (from mid-August to mid-December). We offer various courses that can be combined to complete the present study program of 30 ECTS. In addition we offer a Norwegian language course of 5 ECTS.
Students may choose from the following courses (ECTS credits):

Block 1 mid Aug – Oct:

Block 2 Oct - mid Dec:

During block 1 and 2:

  • Norwegian language (5 ECTS)


Excursion to the mountains

Picture: Izabela Wierzbowska

At the start of the study the library will give an introduction to the use of databases to acquire information necessary to write reports. The students will acquire knowledge on how information is used effectively in learning and publishing and the correct use of sources. The students will also get knowledge on how to use information technology and the use of the e-learning system Fronter which is used actively during the study.

Admission requirements

To enter the study it is required that the student can confirm to have fulfilled at least one year at a university or university college in the world within the fields of wildlife biology, biology, ecology, evolution, forestry, agriculture, environmental sciences or likewise, or have achieved the bachelor degree in such sciences. We encourage national students with equivalent competence to apply.


Further studies

In combination with other studies that complete a bachelor degree, Ecology and Conservation will improve the students’ ability to apply occupations within conservation and research, and in particular such occupations with an international perspective. The Ecology and Conservation program adds up to a one year study if combined with the 30 ECTS program Nordic Forest and Wildlife Management (mid-February to mid-June).

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