Come to Norway and experience the Norwegian outdoorlife! At Campus Elverum we offer you an exiting international semester filled with wintersports, nordic outdoor activities, outdoor leadership training, crosscultural teamwork and lots of good memories.   

International Semester
Expertise to be gained

Through experimental learning, practical experiences and theoretical lectures, the students will develop knowledge, skills and competences related to the Nordic outdoor life in the forests, mountains, lakes and rivers throughout the different seasons. They will gain competences in traditional winter sports and outdoor activities. The students will learn to use these competences within the role of an outdoor leader and teacher, to communicate the joy and benefits of outdoor life and -activities with different groups of people. The study aims to empower the students with knowledge and skills on how to facilitate different learning outcomes, how to promote health, and how to facilitate optimal experiences through outdoor programmes. Additionally Nordic Outdoor Program will provide the students with valuable knowledge in cross-cultural communication and interdisciplinary teamwork.

For whom?
International Semester

Nordic Outdoor Program can suit a large number of students who want to use the possibilities of outdoor activities and programmes in their future professions. The study can fit into various Bachelor degree programmes related to topics such as physical education, outdoor life, physical activity and health, nature based tourism and sports. Examples of professions for which this study is suitable are: physical educators and school teachers, health promotion instructors and coaches, trainers and leaders in various settings. Nordic Outdoor Program can also suit students who want to work in schools, in health institutions, in tourism or in other businesses where physical activity has a central role.

Admission requirements

Students studying Teacher training in Physical Education, Sports, Recreation and Health or corresponding courses are welcome to apply. Students from our partner colleges and universities throughout the world will have the first priority.

Study plan

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