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  • The study programme is suitable for students who are interested in Creative Art and/or Technology
  • The study programme is suitable for students who wish to develop their skills in digital content Production
  • This is an Add-On programme for students who have a background in Game Technology, 3D Animation, Digital Art, Computer Science or similar fields

Find the Study plan 2017/2018 here.

Virtuell virkelighet inntar høgskolen

About the programme

The programme immerse students directly into a professional context through real world projects. A problem-based teaching approach promotes entrepreneurial thinking and knowledge.

The students get the skills needed to be successful in creating Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality content for industry and education. These skills will also enable students to work in fields like architecture and product visualization, game creation, multimedia design, and broadcast media. The education also provides knowledge that may form a basis for continued work in the education sector and in research and developing work.

The study programme provides competence in combining relevant up to date digital tools, techniques, methods, forms of expression and concepts relating to creative processes in VR and AR production. The programme also provides good specialisation in a field, but at the same time also broad knowledge to make the students more attractive for working life and equipped for the technological future. The program focuses on content creation for edutainment, industry and education. The education give the applicants opportunity to work on the next generation of edutainment solutions that combine innovative entertainment concepts with the world’s leading VR and AR knowledge transfer software. To develop mission critical training applications for areas such as Energy, Medical and Industrial and developing new virtual labs, leads pilot prosejkts and roll-out virtual 3D learning enviroments.

The lectures are in English. The programme is one year full time at Hamar and is organized in two semesters, where semester 1 consist of 4 courses focusing on drilling in the VR/AR production pipeline. Semester 2 is organized as a practical work placement, where students work on real project in collaboration with EON Reality, the leaders in VR/AR based knowledge transfer, through the Interactive digital center (IDC) Eon Norway.

Find the Study Plan for 2017/2018 here.

Facts and contacs


Application deadline for residents outside the EU/EEA is December 1st in the year prior to starting study program..

Application deadline for residents inside the EU/EEA, (including Norwegians) is April 15th in the same year of starting the study program.

Credits: 60 ECTS

Duration: 1 year, fulltime on Campus Hamar 


Head of studyprogramme

International supervisor

Chiu Yi Lam

Førstekonsulent Avdeling for Lærerutdanning og naturvitenskap