PhD Applied Ecology

Cover photo - applied ecology

With the PhD in applied ecology, we want to link ecological theory and methodology to specific management-related issues. Our research tasks are therefore often related to the economically important biological resources such as crop, fish, wildlife, forest and livestock. There are four main themes in the study: the human impact in nature; measures we can take to mitigate any negative effects of human impact; sustainable use of the biological resources as a result of properly implemented measures, and environmental monitoring in terms of population and habitat monitoring to ensure us that the use of natural resources is sustainable.

With applied, we also mean that the students should obtain knowledge to carry out a scientific empirical study and communicate results both orally and in writing in various popular and scientific forums. We therefore focus on ecological scientific methods using new technology and statistical methods.

The research is partially independent but usually you will work in a research group consisting of students, researchers and professors who are interested in the same issues. Teaching is in English and you will be in an international environment with students and staff from around the world. Our students are members of the International Research School in Applied Ecology called IRSAE ( where you will be connected to an international scientific network of scientists and PhD-students.

You can get into the PhD program by applying for research fellowships with us, or you can apply for admission to the program if you are funded on their own through work or otherwise.

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