Environmental and Agricultural Sciences

Hedmark University of Applied Sciences (HUAS) offers Bachelor and Master programs in the field of Environmental and Agricultural Sciences and a PhD program in Applied Ecology.




Semester programs taught in English (Bachelor level):

- Ecology and Conservation - 30 ECTS

- Nordic Forest and Wildlife Management - 30 or 37,5 ECTS

- Practice in Applied Ecology - 30 ECTS

- Education and Diversity for Sustainable Living - 30 ECTS Starting in Spring 2018!


Master programs (in English):

Master's Degree in Applied Ecology - 120 ECTS

Master's Degree in Sustainable Agriculture - 120 ECTS


PhD program:

PhD in Applied Ecology


In addition the following Bachelor programs are entirely taught in Norwegian:

- Forestry

- Wildlife Management

- Agricultural Sciences

- Agricultural Engineering

- Agronomy

All courses are held at the Faculty of Applied Ecology and Agricultural Sciences, which has two campuses, Evenstad and Blæstad: read more about it here. The only exception is the semester program "Education for Diversity and Sustainable Living" which is offered at the Faculty of Education and Natural Sciences at campus Hamar.

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