Courses and study programs taught in English

Hedmark University of Applied Sciences offers masters and courses at Bachelor level.


In addition to three Master programs entirely taught in English and the two PhD programs, Hedmark University of Applied Sciences offers a number of courses (semester and one-year programs) taught in English at the Bachelor level. 

Hedmark University of Applied Sciences has four faculties located in five different campuses: make sure to follow the link to the study program you are interested in to find out in which campus it is located.

The academic year starts in mid-August and ends in early June. 

Autumn term (Au): August-December.

Spring term (S): January-June.


Semester and one-year programs



Faculty of Applied Ecology and Agricultural Sciences

Ecology and Conservation - 30 ECTS Au

Nordic Forest and Wildlife Management - 45 ECTS S

Practice in Applied Ecology - 30 ECTS Au/S

Master's Degree in Applied Ecology - 120 ECTS

Master's Degree in Sustainable Agriculture - 120 ECTS


PhD in Applied Ecology


Faculty of Education and Natural Sciences

Scandinavian studies 30/60 ECTS

Norwegian language and culture for international students 60 ECTS

English Language and Literature - 30/60 ECTS

Education for Diversity and Sustainable Living - 30 ECTS S

Biotechnology 30/60 ECTS

Master's Degree in Applied and Commercial Biotechnology - 120 ECTS


PhD in Teaching and Teacher Education


Faculty of Public Health Nordic Outdoor Program 15/30 ECTS S Master`s Degree in Public Health - Selected courses are taught in English  
Faculty of Business Administration Marketing and internationalisation courses - 30 ECTS S    



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