Selected courses can be taught in English and most of the literature in the curriculum is in English.


Contact the international office at the Faculty of Education and Natural Sciences (see info box on the side) to find out about specific opportunities.

Bachelor programs:

- Animation

- Computer Games

In order to qualify for the bachelor programs, you need to fulfill the Norwegian and English Language requirements, as well as the general entry requirements.

Exchange students can take 30 ECTS in either the Spring or Autumn semester.

In the Autumn semester we can propose for instance Animation, Introduction to 3D, Game and System thinking (10 ECTS each).

In the Spring semester we can propose either Motion Grapics (30 ECTS) or the student choses 3 of the following 10 ECTS-subjects: 3D-modelling, Production, Develpoment and Pre-visualisation and Gamification.

Add-On programs:

- Add-On program in Augmented and Virtual Reality

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