StorHk is the abbreviation for Studentorganisasjonen ved Høgskolen i Hedmark (the Student organization at Hedmark University College). We are students working with issues regarding student politics, student rights, and questions from students. We have regular contact with the University College's administration, to make your everyday life as a student in Hedmark as good as possible.

Where are we located?

StorHk’s main office is in Campus Elverum, the Terningen Arena. This is where the StorHk board members meet, and the leader is when on Office duty. We also have an organisations advisor working 50% for the organization. The board members of StorHk are also working on the different Campuses, and there is also 5 local student councils represented in StorHk.

What is a Student council?

The Student council is the local student democracy on campus. Every campus have their own student council, working with local student political issues. These student councils cooperate with StorHk, and are a part of StorHk as the local branch of the organisation.

Can I make a difference?

Of course you can! We are completely dependent of students willing to have different positions and take on different tasks within the student democracy. If there are no one willing to make a difference, then there will be no student democracy. There is also a possibility for students to gain credits for work within one of positions within the Student organisation.

Which positions can I have?

First of all, every class needs two student representatives. All the student representatives from all the classes make up the local student council on campus, every student council has their own board as well. Each campus elects representatives to the Student parliament in September, the Student parliament is the highest authority in StorHk, and is where the important decisions regarding student politics is made. In addition to this, representatives will be elected for different organizations like the Student welfare organization and the University College Board, and different other local and central work groups.

If you wish to run for one of these offices, contact the StorHk secretary, or one of the students in the StorHk board.

Why should I take an office?

You will get a whole lot in return! You learn a lot, you get to know a lot of people you wouldn’t have met otherwise, your network will expand, you will be updated on what happens at the University College, and you get the chance to make a difference. You will also get a letter of recommendation for the office you have had, which is really useful for job applications later.

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