Health insurance

All students in Norway must have a social security coverage during their stay, regardless of the length of their stay. We also recommend a travel insurance in addition to the health insurance.

See below which conditions apply depending on the country you come from.



The European Health Insurance Card is valid also in Norway and provides the same conditions and at the same cost as people insured in Norway. If you have a private health insurance, please clarify with your insurance office whether your coverage applies to Norway.



Stay more than 1 year – you are automatically included in the National Insurance Scheme via your registration at the National Registry (see “Why do I need to register at the National Registry?”).

Stay between 3-12 months – If you are staying in Norway for less than a year, you will not, as a general rule, become a member of the Norwegian National Insurance Scheme.

As a student in Norway, you may however apply for a Voluntary Membership in the National Insurance Scheme. To do so you need to

  • fill in an application form
  • enclose a copy of your letter of admission, passport, residence card, P-number (or D-number)
  • submit everything to the NAV office in your municipality.

NAV Hamar

NAV Elverum

NAV Åmot (campus Rena)

NAV Stor-Elvdal (campus Evenstad)

Please note, that this membership is only valid in Norway but in no other EU/EEA countries.

Please note that students who do not apply for voluntary membership should have a social security coverage from their home country.

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