As a general rule, students from outside the EU/EEA/EFTA need to document a certain amount in a Norwegian bank account in order to be granted a student residence permit/visa in Norway.


If you have been granted a residence permit, then you have deposited the required amount to HUAS bank account. After arrival in Norway:

1. You can withdraw up to NOK 10 000 twicefrom your money deposited in the HUAS account while you wait for your Norwegian ID-number and bank account. First withdrawal can be done no earlier than August 8th 2016. 

Please note that you must be registered at the Police station and have received a residence permit card (this is because the whole deposit amount must remain in the account when you register at the police station).

Payment formula (cash check) will be issued from the from the HUAS central office on request from the individual student to or through the international coordinator at your campus. HUAS charges a fee of NOK 300,- for this service. Notice that this operation can take 3-5 days.


2. Be sure to open a bank account in a Norwegian bank of your choice as soon as possible after receiving your Norwegian ID-number (see Registration).

Please inform HUAS, Accounting Department, mail: about your bank account number and your address in Norway as soon as possible after receiving the account number. Your money will thereafter be transferred to your account, except for banking fees.

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