Since the 1990s Hedmark University of Applied Sciences (HUAS) has worked hard on strengthening its research, research competences, results and external funding.

Today 50 % of the academic staff is on the level of associate professors. 50 are full professors (converted into full time work it equals 36 work years). The share of female professors is 36 % (national average in 2013 was 25 %).

The strategic research areas are: Education and Diversity, Arena for Culture and Language Studies, Public Health, Applied Ecology, Biotechnology and Value Creation in Business and Public Management. In addition HUAS has two research centers:  The Centre for Studies of Educational Practice and Evenstad wildlife center.

The last three years HUAS has received external research funding from Research Council of Norway (RCN)and other peer-reviewed national and international research funding agencies:  Nord forsk: Research Fund administered by the research councils in the Nordic countries. RFF: Regional Research Funds Norway, administered by The Research Council Norway, DRC (Danish Research Council) and a small amount as partner in a EU7RP. Since 2007 the external research funding is approximately 115 mill NOK. The largest projects are listed here. 


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