Campus Hamar

Campus Hamar has 1700 students and offers studies within the Humanities, Social Sciences, Teacher Education, Fine Arts, Computer Science and Biotechnology. Our study programmes attract students from all over the world.

Beginning in 2012 the Department of Education and Natural Science at Hedmark University College has offered a PhD programme in Teaching and Teacher Education.

The PhD programme aims to boost the scientific knowledge base of various forms of teacher education as well as to consolidate the knowledge base for the exercise of the teaching profession in nursery schools, primary and secondary schools and other educational arena, such as schools for music and the arts.

The PhD programme is oriented towards the education subjects English, Music, Norwegian and Pedagogics (including Multicultural Pedagogy and the Religious Education Pedagogy).

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If you have any questions about the PhD programme in Teaching and Teacher Education, please contact Professor Petter Dyndahl or research administrator Ragnhild Narum.