Thursday, June 16th 2011
Professor Achir Yani S. Hamid
MN., D.N.Sc., (Indonesian Nursing Association and Faculty of Nursing, University of indonesia
Professor Dr. Wipanda Kunaviktikul
DSN, RN, (Faculty of Nursing, Chiang Mai University, Thailand)
The health situation in Indonesia and Thailand
Friday, June 17th 2011
Dean Dewi Herawati, RN, Ph.D.
(The Leader of Indonesian Nursing Association & Dean of Faculty of Nursing, University of Indonesia)

Research as a tool for improving the quality of nursing care


Professor Bodil Wilde-Larsson, RN, PhD
(Hedmark University College, Norway, and Karstad University, Sweden)
Associate Professor Ingrid Rystedt, M.D, Ph.D.
(Karlstad University, Sweden)
Quality of care from the patient ande the system perspectives
Professor Dr. Hamidah Hasan
(Universti Kebangsaan Malaysia)
A Management model for clinical nursing in a Malaysian hospital setting
Saturday, june 18th 2011
Associate professor Reidun Hov, RN, Ph.d
Associate professor Kari Kvigne, RN, Ph.D
(Hemark University College, Norway)
Collaboration between clinicalpractice and education
Professor Gun Nordström, RN, Ph.D
(Hedmark University College, Norway, and Karstad University, Sweden)
Utilizing research in clinical nursing
Professor Jan Kåre Hummelvoll, RN, Ph.D.
(Hedmark University College, Norway)  
Cooperative inquiry: A model for developing nursing research in clinical practice
Suwarni, SKM. MPH
(Akademi Keperawatan Ibnu Sina, Indonesia)
Associate professor Margrethe V. Gillund RN, MNSc
(Hedmark University College, Norway)
Building a bridge between countries: a competence development project between AKIS and HUC
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