Abstract will be published in abstract book only if the presenter has been officially registered as a participant at the conference.
Please recognize that the number of oral presentations are limited. Therefore indicate whether you will consider poster presentation if you are not selected for oral presentation.

General Instructions

  1. Author (s): Name( s) (underline the speaker), institution (s) and e-mail
  2. The abstract must clearly relate to one of the following themes: Evidence Based Care and Clinical Nursing Practice, Nursing Education and Development of a Competent Future Workforce, Nursing Management and Health Care Organization
  3. The abstract should be written in English, submitted before the 26th January 2011, and include a maximum of 250 words
  4. The title of the abstract should be concise and descriptive of the entire content of the paper
  5. The abstract should include the following headlines: background, purpose, research method, results and conclusion
  6. Using MS Office Word in typing is recommended
  7. If possible, please use the abstract form that is provided
  8. The font used is Times New Roman (10 characters per inch)
  9. The abstract can be sent via e-mail to and CC to: Inc. and to
  10. Please inform about the form of the presentation:
    Oral 
    Poster 
    If not an oral presentation is accepted, do you accept a poster presentation?
    Yes ____ No ____
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