The version of EndNote that is available for bachelor students is EndNote Web (also called EndNote basic and EndNote online). This is a web-based program that you can access from all computers as long as you are logged on to the internet. When you register for EndNote Web you have to be on Hedmark University College internet, but after you have registered your account you can access EndNote Web from anywhere.

To register as an EndNote Web user, go to:

You will find many videos on Youtube to help you get started. I will link to some from Thompson reuters, the company who has developed EndNote Web, but try searching for EndNote Web and the database you want to import references from, or other questions you might have, and you will most likely get the instructions you need!

If you have any questions regarding EndNote Web, contact Sarah who is our EndNote Web "expert".

Sarah Loftheim, tlf. 62 43 08 67, Campus Evenstad.

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