Loaning procedure

Who can borrow?

The library is primarily for the use of students and staff at Hedmark University College. External patrons may also borrow library materials, but are not entitled to extra services such as inter-library loans.

Borrowing library materials

Students and staff use their ID-card as a library card. External patrons can use a national library card or be registered at our library. The library card is private, and cannot be used by others.

Borrowing time

Normal borrowing time is 4 weeks, however some items have a shorter loaning period. You are responsible for the materials you borrow and for returning them on time.

Renewing loans

Loans can normally be renewed 3 times if there is no waiting list. Library users can renew their loans by logging on to Oria. Inter-library loans can only be renewed by librarians.

Multimedia/computer equipment

Patrons have total responsibility for borrowed equipment from the moment they leave the library. If equipment is lost or damaged, the patron is responsible. The equipment is not insured by the library. Travel insurance which covers theft or damage is advised when travelling.

Reminders and claims for compensation

1st and 2nd reminders are sent via E-mail. 3rd reminders are sent via mail. Patrons who do not return library materials after the 3rd reminder will receive a claim for compensation which MUST be paid. The replacement cost is at least 600 NOK per book/material. If the value of the borrowed material is over 600 NOK, the actual replacement cost must be paid.

If a claim for compensation has been sent, the patron no longer has the right to borrow library materials until payment is received.

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