As a self-financing student, you must be aware that living expences in Norway are very high. An average student spends about NOK 10 000 per month for accommodation, food, transport etc.


The enlisted programs are taught in English. Self-financing students from countries outside the EU/EEA are also accepted (with some restrictions for NOIS-applicants, see Admission process for Non-EU/EEA Citizens).

Master programs

Master's Degree in Applied Ecology - 120 ECTS

Master's Degree in Applied and Commercial Biotechnology - 120 ECTS


Other programs

Norwegian language and culture for international students


How to apply

Hedmark University of Applied Sciences does not cooperate with recruiting agencies. We prefer to work directly with the students. Some recruiting agencies may claim to cooperate with us, but this is not true. As a prospective student, you should not pay any application fees and not have to go through particular agencies to gain admission. Admission is based on academic merit and the level of competition alone.

You can read more about the application and admission process here:

Admission process for Non-EU/EEA Citizens

Admission process for EU/EEA and Nordic Citizens


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