strategic plan 2012-2016

Mission Statement

Hedmark University of Applied Sciences (HUAS) educates highly qualified, development-oriented candidates for kindergartens, schools, the health sector, agriculture and forestry, public management and business life. Up to date research is closely linked to each study programme and provides a solid base for HUAS research-based education.

National and international collaboration strengthens and enriches HUAS’ study programmes and research. HUAS in particular offers two PhD programs: one in Applied Ecology and one in Teacher Education.

HUAS plays an important role in the development of the region by collaborating actively with the community and the job market in Hedmark and the Inland Region and by working to qualify for full University status. HUAS is organised as a multi-campus institution in four host municipalities: Hamar, Elverum, Åmot and Stor-Elvdal.

Here you can read the whole strategic plan for 2013 - 2016

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