Record of incoming exchange students

Exchange students starting a new semester at campus Hamar

In August 2016 Hedmark University of Applied Sciences will welcome a record number of exchange students at the Faculty of Applied Ecology and Agricultural Sciences, campus Evenstad, and at the Faculty of Education and Natural Sciences, campus Hamar!

Ecology and Conservation and Practice in Applied Ecology

Evenstad Kurs

Students attending a course at campus Evenstad

Incoming students to campus Evenstad will follow the semester program “Ecology and Conservation” from mid-August to mid-December. Elisabeth Riseth, the international coordinator at the Faculty of Applied Ecology and Agricultural Sciences, has been busy preparing them to a special semester in the “middle of nowhere” and together with the staff and the buddy students is looking forward to welcoming them! The students, 23, are all coming from HUAS Erasmus+ partners from France, Germany, Belgium and Spain to name a few. When they arrive in August they will meet some of their “colleagues”, exchange students following the module “Practice in Applied Ecology”, who arrived in late spring and are currently spending the summer working in the field and in the lab for the various research projects going on campus. As a student taking “Practice in Applied Ecology” you will spend most of your time out in the field, getting a unique hands-on experience on how to collect and organize data for a research project. Read more about it and see the Evenstad Geographic issue prepared by one of our former Erasmus exchange student.

Biotechnology, Norwegian language and Culture and English

Thirty five exchange students are on the other hand expected to start at campus Hamar in August. They will follow courses in Biotechnology, Norwegian language and culture and English. “Most of the students come from Europe but this year for the first time we will also welcome two exchange students from Japan, from Kochi University!”  says Chiu Lam, international coordinator at campus Hamar together with Ingelinn Slagsvold. “And in the spring semester 2017 we will also run for the first time a new English-taught semester program on “Education for Diversity and Sustainable Living – 30ECTS” so we look forward to welcoming exchange students from our partners also in the spring!”.

Visiting our Erasmus+ partners

Jens Haugan_University of Gdansk

Prof. Jens Haugan giving a guest lecture at University of Gdansk

Both Chiu and Elisabeth have been visiting a few of our Erasmus+ partners during this spring and have met many good colleagues and interested students! Elisabeth visited the Estonian University of Life Sciences, which is also partner of the Nordplus network “Nordnatur” coordinated by the Faculty of Applied Ecology and Agricultural Sciences, while Chiu visited Szczecin University and University of Gdansk in Poland together with Professor Ole Karlsen and Professor Jens Haugan. Chiu had also the opportunity of visiting Kazimierz Wielik University in Bydgoszcz and the pleasure to welcome two colleagues from their international office in Hamar.

Prof. Karlsen and Prof. Haugan received each an Erasmus+ mobility grant to give guest lectures during their visit. Read more about the possibility of applying for an Erasmus+ mobility grant for staff at HUAS (only for staff at HUAS)!

Our staff was welcomed warmly by our partners and we now look forward to welcoming the incoming exchange students in August and our colleagues in the future!


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