Hedmark University of Applied Sciences joins the annual Norwegian Research Festival “Forskningsdagene”

 “Uten grenser” - “No borders”: people, ideas, data, animals, plants, energy, everything crosses visible and invisible borders. This year, the Norwegian annual Research Festival (Forskningsdagene) will focus on migration, climate change, globalization, big data and many more projects which prove that research has no borders!

Like every year HUAS has organized many events which range from a global dugnad on sustainable development (read more about the opening of HUAS Center in Sustainable Development), country music, integration in school, drones and much more! Take a look at our overview (in Norwegian) of all HUAS events related to the Research Festival (please note that the main spoken language will be Norwegian in most of them).

The Festival starts on September 21st and continues until October 2nd all over the country as part of an initiative started by the Norwegian Research School (which carried it out for the first time in 1995), which is also supporting selected events.

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