R&D work at the Hedmark University of Applied Sciences must be performed in accordance with the law and recognised ethical standards, as specified by The Norwegian National Research Ethics Committees.

The R&D committee at the university, together with the departments, is responsible for promoting knowledge of, interest in and debate on research ethics  and contributing to the prevention of scientific misconduct. The university’s research administration works in partnership with the management at each department to oversee R&D work to ensure that it is performed in an ethically acceptable manner. Individual professional employees must base their own R&D work on the national guidelines and also provide guidance to students on which legal and research ethics guidelines are of relevance when working on their assignments.

Data protection

The university has appointed Norwegian Social Science Data Services as its data protection officer for research. All research and student R&D projects involving electronic processing of personal data and/or manual processing of sensitive personal data must be reported, www.nsd.uib.no/personvern/. Separate rules are also applicable to health research. Such projects must also be assessed by the regional committees for medical research ethics. Projects at Hedmark University of Applied Sciences are handled by REK South East. Projects which involve the use of laboratory animals or the capture/marking of wild animals will be reported to the Norwegian Animal Research Authority, which ensures that the necessary use of animals for research takes place in a manner which is justifiable in terms of animal welfare, see www.mattilsynet.no/fdu/. The university’s contact for issues related to data protection is R&D advisor Stian Sundell Torjussen.

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                The Research Ethics Act (no)

                The Universities and Colleges Act (no)

                The Intellectual Property Rights Act (no)

                The Patents Act (no)

                The Act on Employee Inventions (no)

                The Personal Data Act (no)

                The Health Register Act - only available in Lovdata Pro

                The Health Research Act (no)


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                               Research ethics guidelines for Internet research

Guidelines for natural sciences and technology 

                Guidelines for medicine and health 

                               The Declaration of Helsinki

                               The Vancouver Convention

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Information on when a research student project must be reported to the data protection officer 

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