Welcome to Faculty of Public Health

Faculty of Public Health is the place for you who want to study or work with Health and Sports on a university college level. The Campus is situated in the town of Elverum, which has chosen Public Health as an area of commitment and also has multiple possibilities for outdoor activities, sports and cultural experiences in the surrounding area.

There are approximately 1100 students enrolled at Campus Elverum. Our study programme covers fields from Nursing, Health Promoting Dental Care and Mental Health, to Sports and Outdoor life. Our study- and research profile is Public Health, and there is an active professional and scientific environment at campus.
Faculty of Public Health has an international commitment, co-operating with partners on all continents.

In January 2011 we moved into new and top modern teaching facilities at Terningen Arena, with other tenants that might be partners in future common projects.
The construction includes modern premises for Nursing and Dental practice, as well as excellent facilities for Sports.

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