Campus Evenstad - Applied Ecology

Campus Evenstad fall

Campus Evenstad - the place for wild hearts

Evenstad is a small Campus at Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences with approximately 200 students and 60 employees. It is situated in the middle of nowhere, in a rural environment surrounded by forests, mountains and lakes. It is the only place in Scandinavia where all native mammalian carnivore and herbivore species coexist. The nearest towns are Koppang (20 km to the north) and Rena (40 km to the south).

Typical of the inland areas of southeast Norway, it has a continental climate with warm and dry summers and cold, snowy winters. Whereas days don’t end in June, there are only a few hours of sunshine in December. Weather forecast for Evenstad.

If you want to know more about the student life on Campus, and activities to do around Evenstad, visit the blog of four of our students at Evenstad:

All questions about accommodation and how to apply can be directed to Studentskipnaden i Hedmark


Campus Blæstad - Sustainable Agriculture


Blæstad - sustainable agriculture


Campus Blæstad has about 200 students and 10 employees. Blæstad is situated right outside the regional town Hamar, in an area dominated by farmland.

Students studying at Blæstad may choose to live in Hamar (ca 15min by bus from Hamar centre to Blæstad) or at Blæstad. Apply at SiH or contact the international coordinator, 

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