Campus Evenstad - the Place for Wild Hearts

Campus Evenstad offers undergraduate and graduate studies in Applied ecology, Forestry, Wildlife Management, Bioenergy, and Ecotourism. The international courses attract students from all over the world to learn more about the management and sustainable use of natural resources.


Campus Blæstad - Sustainable Agriculture

The Department at Blæstad offers Norwegian-taught Bachelor programmes in Agricultural Sciences.

To apply for a full study program taught in Norwegian, please use the Norwegian website and find your study program.  

To apply as exchange student and take one of our semester programs or selected courses from the Master: 

-As Erasmus exchange student, please use the Erasmus application form for studies or for a traineeship

-As a Nordnatur exchange student, please use the application form that you find on

-As a free mover, please use the Free mover application form

All application forms must be sent to 

Semester programmes (taught in English, Evenstad)

Master's degree programme (2 years, taught in English, Evenstad):

PhD in Applied Ecology (3 years, taught in English, Evenstad) 

Bachelor's degree programmes (3 years, taught in Norwegian):

  • Forestry (Evenstad)
  • Wildlife Management (Evenstad)
  • Agronomy (Blæstad)
  • Agricultural Engineering (Blæstad)

1-year programmes (taught in Norwegian)

  • Forestry (Evenstad)
  • Wildlife Management (Evenstad)
  • Hunting and Fishing Tourism (Evenstad)
  • Bioenergy (Evenstad)
  • Organic Farming (Blæstad)
  • Agricultural Engineering (Blæstad)
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