Welcome to Faculty of Applied Ecology and Agricultural Sciences

  • Department of Forestry and Wildlife Management, Campus Evenstad
  • Department of Agricultural Sciences, Campus Blæstad


Education and research at the Faculty of Applied Ecology and Agricultural Sciences is dedicated to the sustainable use of natural resources. Situated in a marvellous landscape of forests, mountains and lakes, Campus Evenstad offers students interested in natural ecosystems and outdoor recreation a great platform for study.

Thanks to an active research environment with an international reputation, courses are updated with the latest findings. Students may participate in on-going research projects on the management of large carnivores and herbivores, freshwater fisheries and forestry. The Department of Agricultural Sciences is located at Blæstad outside the city of Hamar, in an area dominated by farmland.

Each year, students from many different countries of Europe and the Overseas join the English-taught study programmes. In the study year of 2010-11, Evenstad is host for more than 50 students from more than 20 different nations on campus. Most of them are Erasmus students, i.e. European students with an Erasmus exchange scholarship. Nordic and Baltic students often have a Nordplus scholarship paid by the Nordic Council of Ministers.

Why do such highly motivated students come to this campus in the middle of nowhere for studying? Evenstad is a special place for students interested in wildlife, ecology and forestry due to its scientific reputation, the nearness to natural and semi-natural habitats, and the possibility to combine outdoor recreation with studies.

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