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  • Partners

    Faculty of Health and Sports is cooperating with colleges and universities world wide.
  • Courses and programmes

    Opportunities for international students abound at Campus Hamar. Here's a list of the most relevant study programmes for foreign candidates. Click on the links below for details about each available programme.
  • Research

    The overall study- and research profile of Faculty of Health and Sports at Campus Elverum is Public HealthThe faculty's priority area of research for 2007 - 2010 is Mental Health and Society: Knowledge Development in Practice.The main thesis for the research is: Co-operative inquiry in mental health care promotes professiona...
  • Staff

    Faculty of Health and Sports, Campus Elverum has approximately 100 employees and 1100 students. Students on commissioned study programmes come in addition to this.The faculty is located close to the town centre of Elverum - in Terningen Arena.Faculty of Health and Sports is organized in three departments, with a mutual admin...
  • Transportation

    There are not many connections each day to Evenstad. You have to do some careful planning, especially during week-ends. A car can be nice to have because it makes you more mobile, and you can explore the nearby mountains and lakes during your spare time.
  • Departments

    Campus Hamar has four departments:
  • Exam regulation

    Regulations Concerning Examinations at Hedmark University of Applied SciencesEstablished by the Board of Hedmark University of Applied Sciences (HUAS) on 16 June 2010 pursuant to Section 3-9 sub-section7 of the Act no. 15 of 1 April 2005 Relating to Universities and University Colleges.This document is a translation of a leg...