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  • Faculties

    Hedmark University of Applied Sciences has five campuses; Campus Hamar, Campus Elverum, Campus Rena, Campus Evenstad and Campus Blæstad.
  • Contact

    Postal address: Hedmark University of Applied Sciences, PO Box 400, 2418 Elverum, NorwayE-mail: international@hihm.noVisiting Address and Express mail:Terningen Arena, Hamarveien 112, 2418 Elverum
  • International relations

    Hedmark University of Applied Sciences (HUAS) cooperates with over 100 partner institutions from Africa, Asia, Europe and North America through Erasmus+, Nordplus and bilateral agreements.HUAS joins the "Academic Dugnad for Refugees and Asylum Seekers" started by the University of Oslo.Jørgen Klein Head of International Offi...
  • Campus computers

    If you do not have access to your own computer every faculty has a few desktops available at your disposal. The number of available desktops in each different faculty will vary. You use your normal username and password to log on to these computers.
  • Courses in English

    Visiting students can select from a variety of courses taught in English. During the autumn semester Evenstad offers five courses within Ecology and Conservation. During the spring semester, there are six courses dealing with Nordic Forestry and Wildlife Management. Master's degree courses within Applied Ecology are open for...
  • Accomodation

    In most cases, you will be housed by The Student Welfare Organisation in Hedmark (SIH). You will have your own bedroom, and share bathroom and kitchen areas with other students.
  • IT-systems and support

    Hedmark University College can offer its students the following IT-systems during the academic year 2014-2015:
  • Health, Sports and Physical Sciences

    The Faculty of Public Health offers Bachelor and Master programs in nursing, public and dental health, and in sports sciences. 
  • Study in Elverum

    Campus Elverum offers undergraduate and graduate studies within Nursing, Health Promoting Dental Care, Mental Health, Public Health, Physical Education, Sports and Outdoor life.We offer Nursing students from partner institutions worldwide clinical placement in surgical nursing, medical nursing, psychiatric care and homebased...
  • English courses

    Come to Norway and experience the Norwegian outdoorlife! At Campus Elverum we offer you an exiting international semester filled with wintersports, nordic outdoor activities, outdoor leadership training, crosscultural teamwork and lots of good memories! The International semester of Physical Education is offered each spring...
  • Application

    If you are interested in applying for the International semester in Physical Education, or in a short term clinical placement in a health care institution, please contact your local international coordinator or International coordinator at Campus Elverum.