The mayor of Hamar meets our international students

The group of international students together with the mayor of Hamar Einar Busterud.

On the 21st of September, Einar Busterud, Mayor of Hamar, invited our international students living in Hamar to a welcome reception!

The mayor gave the students a warm welcome and presented the history and development plan of Hamar. Hamar Municipality is a dynamic region focusing on the development of industrial clusters including agriculture and agriculture-related industry and further development of Hamar as an education center. The students appreciated getting a broad insight into the region that is hosting them and thanked the mayor for the invitation!


Students invited are from various study programs, including Master in Applied and Commercial Biotechnology, Norwegian Language and Culture for International Students, Scandinavian Studies and English Studies.

The Faculty of Education and Natural Sciences (Campus Hamar) and the Department of Agricultural Sciences of the Faculty of Applied Ecology and Agriculture (Campus Blæstad) are located in Hamar Municipality, which is conveniently located 80 km from Oslo International Airport.

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