As a new member of faculty at HUAS there are a lot of new things to be learned. Here you will find information about some of the acts, regulations, agreements and guidelines that apply to the institution as a whole. A full overview is at the moment unfortunately only available in Norwegian.

Working conditions are relatively well-regulated in Norway today through, for example, the Civil Servant Act, Working Conditions Act, Universities and University Colleges Act, collective bargaining agreements and the basic agreement for the civil service with the national government. Employees’ rights are also extensive and well-established.

The working hours for all employees are 37,5 hours per week.


Monthly salary is paid on the 12th each month. If the 12th falls on a weekend or on a holiday, your salary is paid out on the last workday before the 12th.


Employees have the right to five weeks' holiday, i.e. 25 workdays. Employees over 60 have the right to an extra vacation week.

Membership in the Norwegian Public Service Pension Fund

As an employee of the university you automatically become a member of the Norwegian Public Service Pension Fund (SPK) if you work at least 14 hours per week. As a member you pay a premium of two per cent of your basic salary.

State employees are also covered by a life insurance scheme. This means payment of benefits in case of death during or outside working hours. Further information about the Public Service Pension Fund (SPK) can be found on

Probationary period

During the first six months, the employee serves a probationary period. During the probationary period, you shall be given the necessary guidance and appraisal of your work. During this period a mutual agreement of a three weeks' notice applies. The employee may be dismissed with three weeks' notice if he/she is unable to adapt to the work or fails to satisfy reasonable demands with regard to competence or reliability.

Sick leave

HUAS is an inclusive employment institution and works actively to reduce absence due to illness through prevention and follow-up.

If the absence is more than eight days (including weekends) a medical/doctor´s certificate must be handed to your immediate superior. To make use of the arrangement for reporting one's own illness you must have been employed for at least two months.

Research ethics

R&D work at the HUAS must be performed in accordance with the law and recognised ethical standards, as specified by the nationally appointed committees for research ethics:

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Researcher Training and Career Development

HUAS is working purposefully towards qualifying for university status. It is a priority to build strong academic communities, develop excellent teaching skills and a strong culture for R&D with research groups that collaborate regionally, nationally and internationally.

Appointment, competence promotion and certain employment conditions for academic employees are governed by special national regulations.

Information on researcher training and career development/competence development at HUAS is unfortunately at the moment only available in Norwegian.

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