Welcome to Faculty of Education and Natural Sciences

The Faculty of Education and Natural Sciences at Campus Hamar has 2600 students enrolled in research-based study programmes within the fields of the Humanities, Social Sciences, Teacher Education, Fine Arts, Computer Science and Biotechnology. The Faculty provides diverse opportunities for short term exchange students and degree-seeking students from our worldwide network of Erasmus, Nordplus and bilateral partners as well as for free-movers.

The student town of Hamar is situated in the fertile cultural landscape along the banks of Lake Mjøsa in south eastern Norway. Located only a 1.5 hours train ride from Oslo, Hamar is a place where rural traditions blend with urban lifestyles, offering exciting adventures for the curious-minded. Our campus is located in the city centre, and as a student at the Faculty of Education and Natural Sciences you benefit from a stimulating and inclusive academic environment matched with a wide range of extracurricular activities, new friends and memories you'll never forget.

Welcome to Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences, Campus Hamar!

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