Åmot-where the rivers Glomma and Rena meet


Åmot is an inland council- situated in the middle of Hedmark

Åmot is also

  • · An important forestry area, with commercial forest on 2/3 of land.
  • · A military area, since the establishment of Rena Leir in 1997.
  • · An area of higher education, with a part of Hedmark University College.
  • · A cultural area, with the legacy of Vidar Sandbeck, and a fine Culture House .
  • · An area steeped in industrial history, with memories of Rena Kartong, the corner-stone industry from 1913 to 1998.

Rena is the civic centre of Åmot kommune. Rena sustained considerable damage when bombed in 1940.

Nesvangen, Å-møtet is where the rivers Glomma and Rena meet. This area is the local millenium-project, and also the origin of the name Åmot.

Pilgrimsskjærene was a resting-point for pilgrims going to Nidaros, and a ferry-crossing.

Rena Kartongfabrikk a/s, with it´s cardboard-production ,was once Østerdalens largest industry,. It was shut down in 1998.

Høgskolen i Hedmark, Hedmark University College,with it´s 1100 students,has it´s departments for Business Administration, situated at Rena.

Åmot Kulturhus has a VidarSandbeck exhibition in the Public Library. It consists of books, prizes, records, photographs etc. Bust at the hall entrance.

Rena Leir is Norways most recently established, modern, military camp. It has charachteristic architecture, and consists of several Army Divisions and training grounds. (Rødsmoen and Regionfelt Østlandet)

Rena Idrettspark, the sports-arena, is a part of the military -camp. It is a well equipped sports-ground with swimming-pools and several outdoor facilities, which are open to the public.

Renabakkene is a well known national ski-jumping arena. Here Asbjørn Aursand was the first ski-jumper in Norway to jump over a 100m. (101.5m in 1957)

Åmot Church was built in 1902. It is a large timber structure designed by Henrik Bull. He also drew the old school at Høyskolen, and Trudvang Hotel, which burned down in 1990-

Nordre Osen is a village with a school and two churches.

Osen Old Church was built in 1777.

Osensjøen is a beautiful lake– for fishing or relaxation and recreation.

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