Evenstad's canteen Helt-ælj

Evenstad has a canteen in the main building. Johnny Granheim, the owner of the restaurant Helt-ælj ("Entirely moose"), prepares many different dishes, from sandwiches to large dinners, from fast food such as hamburgers and kebab to traditional Norwegian dishes, such as rømmegrøt (sour cream porridge) and rakfisk (fermented freshwater fish), from pastries to cold and warm buffets. Johnny emphasises the use of local raw materials, and he includes game on his daily menu. Do you want to taste a mooseburger?

Opening hours are from 08:00 - 15:30 from Mondays to Fridays. Every third Sunday, the restaurant is open also during the afternoon. You can always order dishes outside opening hours as well, and the canteen can be booked for parties, conferences and seminars. Contact Johnny Granheim.

Browse Johnny's homepage for pictures.


Food store Arnesen

There is a food store on the other side of the Glomma river, a 10-minute walk. In winter, the distance is shorter because you can walk over the ice on the river. Arnesen has everything you need, also many non-food articles. You can prepare your meals in the kitchens of the student hostel and the guest apartment.

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