Visiting students can select from a variety of courses taught in English. During the autumn semester Evenstad offers five courses within Ecology and Conservation. During the spring semester, there are six courses dealing with Nordic Forestry and Wildlife Management. Master's degree courses within Applied Ecology are open for visiting graduated students. This master's degree programme attracts degree students from all over the world and opens for quota scholarships. If you are looking for internships, check out the link 'Practice in Applied Ecology'.


Many of the courses include excursions

Ecology and Conservation (30 ECTS credits)

Semester programme taught in English, mid-Aug to mid-Dec

  • Conservation Biology (7,5 ECTS)
  • Evolution and Biogeography (7,5 ECTS)
  • Population Ecology (7,5 ECTS)
  • Wildlife Research (7,5 ECTS)
Nordic Forestry and Wildlife Management (30 ECTS credits)

Semester programme taught in English, mid-Feb to mid-June

  • Nordic Ecosystems (7,5 ECTS)
  • Boreal Forest Management (7,5 ECTS)
  • Ecology and Management of Freshwater Fisheries (7,5 ECTS)
  • Wildlife Management (7,5 ECTS)
  • Wildlife Ecology (7,5 ECTS)
  • Nordic Forest Engineering (7,5 ECTS)
Master's degree programme in Applied Ecology (120 ECTS credits)
Practice in Applied Ecology (30 ECTS credits)
Norwegian language (5 ECTS credits)

This language course is usually offered during both the autumn semester and the spring semester. You will learn to read, write and communicate in Norwegian, and you will also become familiar with Norwegian life and culture.

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