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Photo: Jenny Mattisson

Phone: +47 90536996

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Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences
Faculty of Forestry and Wildlife Management,
Campus Evenstad
NO-2480 Koppang



I am a PhD student with the Generalist Predator Research Group at Evenstad.

Research interests:


My PhD research focuses on movement ecology of red foxes and other meso-predators in Norway and Sweden. I am also very interested in predator prey dynamics, particularly in boreal ecosystems. In particular, I am interested in space use and movement behavior of carnivores in relation to fluctuating prey species. By combining GPS data with animal behavior, I hope to gain insight into ecological patterns that are relevant for both animal management and conservation.


Wildlife Ecology  -  Spring 2017

Selected publications:

Walton, Z., Mattisson, J., Linnell, J. D. C., Stien, A. and Odden, J. (2016). The cost of migratory prey: seasonal changes in semi-domestic reindeer distribution influences breeding success of Eurasian lynx in northern Norway. Oikos. doi:10.1111/oik.03374


Walton, Z., Samelius, G., Odden, M. and Willebrand, T. (2016). Variation in home range size of red foxes (Vulpes vulpes) along a gradient of productivity and human alteration of the landscape. Under review. 


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