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Mailing address:

Hedmark University College

Faculty of Forestry and Wildlife Management

Campus Evenstad

NO-2480 Koppang


Morten Odden

Research interests:

Extinction mechanisms in small populations. Human-wildlife conflicts in India.


6SU240 Game management 1 (10 ECTS)

Selected publications:

  • Panzacchi M., Linnell J. D.C., Melis C., Odden, M., Odden J., Gorini L., and Andersen R. (in press). Effect of land-use on small mammal abundance and diversity in a forest-farmland mosaic landscape in south-eastern Norway. Forest Ecology and Management.
  • Panzacchi M, Linnell JDC, Odden M., Odden J., Andersen R. 2009. Habitat and roe deer fawn vulnerability to red fox predation Journal of Animal Ecology 78:1124-1133
  • Wegge P., Odden M., Pokharel CP., Storaas T. 2009. Predator-prey relationships and responses of ungulates and their predators to the establishment of protected areas: A case study of tigers, leopards and their prey in Bardia National Park, Nepal. Biological Conservation 142:189-202.
  • Odden, M. & Wegge, P. 2009. Kill rates and food consumption of leopards in Bardia National Park, Nepal. Acta Theriologica 54:23-30.
  • Panzacchi M., Linnell. J., Serrao G., Eie S., Odden M., Odden J., and Andersen, R. (2008). Evaluation of the importance of roe deer fawns in the spring-summer diet of red fox in south-eastern Norway. Ecological Research 23:889-896.
  • Panzacchi M., Linnell, J., Odden, J., Odden, M., Andersen, R. (2008). When a generalist becomes a specialist: patterns of red fox predation on roe deer fawns under contrasting conditions. Canadian Journal of Zoology 86:116-126.
  • Odden, M & Wegge, P. (2007). Predicting spacing behavior and mating systems of solitary cervids: a study of hog deer and Indian muntjac. Zoology 110:261-270.
  • Odden, M. & Wegge, P. (2005). Spacing and activity patterns of leopards Panthera pardus in the Royal Bardia National Park, Nepal. Wildlife Biology 11: 27-34.
  • Wegge, P, Eliassen, S., Haneborg Finne, M. & Odden, M. (2005). Social interactions among Capercaillie Tetrao urogallus males outside the lek during spring. Ornis Fennica 82:147-154.
  • Odden, M., Wegge, P. & Storaas, T. (2005). Hog deer Axis porcinus need threatened tall grasslands: a study of habitat selection in lowland Nepal. Animal Conservation 8: 99-104.
  • Odden, M., Wegge, P., Finne, M. H. & Eliassen, S. (2003). The influence of sexual size dimorphism on the dietary shifts of Capercaillie Tetrao urogallus during spring. Ornis Fennica 80: 130-136.
  • Finne, M. H., Wegge, P., Eliassen, S. & Odden, M. (2000): Daytime roosting and habitat preference of capercaillie Tetrao urogallus males in spring - the importance of forest structure in relation to anti-predator behaviour. Wildlife Biology 6: 241-249.


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