Assistant professor


Phone: +47 62430862

Fax: +47 62430851

Mailing address:

Hedmark University College

Faculty of Forestry and Wildlife Management

Campus Evenstad

NO-2480 Koppang





Research interests:

Fish population dynamics and effects of harvest.

Migrations and habitat use in salmonids.

Performance of hatchery fish and effects of stocking.





6SU230 Ecology of freshwater fisheries

6SU235 Fishery management

6SU299 Bachelor thesis (philosophy of science, scientific methodology)



Selected publications:

Langdal, K. 2007. Evaluation of releases of hatchery trout in the river Glomma from Høyegga to Rena. Hedmark University College, report no. 16-2007 (in Norwegian).

Langdal, K., Berge O. & Borgeraas, R. 2007. Hatchery trout in the river Søndre Rena – an evaluation of effects. Hedmark University College, report no. 2-2007 (in Norwegian).

Langdal, K. og Berge O. 2000. Movement patterns of adult brown trout (Salmo trutta L.) in a regulated inland river system, south-eastern Norway. In: Moore A. & Russell I. (red.). Advances in Fish Telemetry.

CEFAS, Lowesoft.


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