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Hedmark University College

Faculty of Forestry and Wildlife Management

Campus Evenstad

NO-2480 Koppang


Barbara Zimmermann

Research interests:

My main research interests are resource selection by animals and predation ecology. I am mostly working with analysis of data from GPS-collared wolves, moose and red deer within the framework of the Scandinavian wolf research project SKANDULV, and red deer projects in Hedmark county as well as at the west coast of Norway.

Gråfjell male wolf with GPS


6SU120 Ecology (10 ECTS, undergraduate, Norwegian)

6SU322 Wildlife and habitat monitoring (3 ECTS, graduate, English)

6SU189 Practice in wildlife research (10 ECTS, undergraduate, English)


As international coordinator at campus Evenstad, I am responsible to enhance student and staff exchange. We have many partner universities within the ERASMUS and NORDPLUS framework as well as bilateral agreements with universities of other parts of the world. Our English Master program and undergraduate courses attract students from all over the world. Find out more about our international campus on the web site. I am also coordinating the Nordplus network NORDNATUR.


Selected publications:

Sand, H., Vucetich, J.A., Zimmermann, B., Wabakken, P., Wikenros, C., Pedersen, H.C., Peterson, R.O., Liberg, O. Assessing the influence of prey-predator ratio, prey age structure and packs size on wolf kill rates. Accepted for publication in Oikos.

Mysterud, A., Loe, L.E., Zimmermann, B., Bischof, R., Veiberg, V., Meisingset, E. 2011. Partial migration in expanding red deer populations at northern latitudes – a role for density dependence? Oikos: in press.

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