Variations of performance (e.g reproductive success) among individuals have been reported and have been largely related to individual characteristics (sex, age, year of birth). But the abilities of individuals within a given population to access and allocate resources might also influence their performance.


Photo: Cyril Milleret


We will identify the spatial characteristics that may affect the performance and the dynamic of the Scandinavian wolf population. Studies will be conducted at several levels, from the consequences of establishing a wolf pack in a given area to the effect of fine scale movement behaviors (e.g where to move, where to search, where to feed) on wolf resource acquisition. We will use long term data from snow-tracking, DNA analysis, and GPS locations from individual collared wolves collected by the SKANDULV.


Cyril Milleret, PhD-student
Harry Peter Andreassen, supervisor
Petter Wabakken, supervisor
Håkan Sand, Supervisor

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