High densities of native and introduced cervids can be found in large parts of the world. These high densities may have effects on other components of the ecosystem, such as plants and other herbivores. More specifically we want to study what effects high densities of moose and deer may have on smaller herbivores such as hares, rodents and small marsupials. Herbivory may cause reactions in the plants: They could either start producing unpalatable or toxic defence substances, or herbivory may stimulate growth and make the plants more attractive to further herbivory. We want to investigate how previous moose browsing of birch, willow, bilberry and wavy hair grass affects the feeding preference of hares and rodents. If there is such an effect, this could possibly affect the reproduction of these animals. We therefore want to study how moose browsing and moose density affects reproduction of rodents. The densities of cervids in Norway are moderate compared to other parts of the world. Rusa deer were introduced to Australia, and have in some areas reached densities exceeding 50 animals per km2. Here we want to determine the effect of extreme deer densities on the native fauna, through livetrapping of small rodents and marsupials. 



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