Undercoverage of Norwegian beef has led to a focus on increasing the number of beef cows in Norway. Several factors suggests that this will lead to an increase in the number of grazing cattle in outlying lands. There is a lack of knowledge about the grazing mechanisms of grazing cattle on forest pastures and their productivity.

In this project we will look at;

1. Habitat and diet selection of free ranging cattle in the south boreal forest

2. Activity budget of free ranging cattle

3. Growth rate for different groups of free ranging cattle

The project started in 2014 and will be finished in 2018. Studies are performed in Stange and Romedal Almenning in collaboration with Stange and Romedal allmening, Fylkesmannen I Hedmark, Hedmarken Landbrukskontor, NIBIO and Stange and Romedal storfebeitelag. 




Morten Tofastrud, PhD-student

Barbara Zimmermann, project leader


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