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  • Education and research matter!

    Benjamin Mbezi completed his Master in Public Health (Master i Folkehelse) at HUAS in 2015. The Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Social Welfare in Tanzania, Benjamin`s home country, have now implemented in the curriculum for teacher education some of the recommendations from his Master thesis.
  • MA Public Health

    In the 21st century improving population health and narrowing social inequalities in health have become major concerns of governments.Two of the courses in the program are offered in English1MFV101, Introduction to Public Health1MFV102, Philosophy of Science and MethodologyRead about former Master student Benjamin Mbezi, fro...
  • PhD defense

    On Friday 2nd December, Cyril Milleret will defend his PhD thesis "Spatial ecology of wolves in Scandinavia; From spatio-temporal dynamics of wolf pairs to wolf population dynamics" at campus Evenstad.
  • Merger - What does it mean for you as a student?

    If you have been admitted to a course or study programme at Hedmark University of Applied Sciences (HUAS) or Lillehammer University College (LUC), you will automatically become a student at Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences as of 1 January 2017. Your course of study and individual education plan will remain the sa...
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  • Research

    International scientific publications Research projects at Faculty of Applied Ecology and Agricultural Sciences:
  • Faculty of Applied Ecology and Agricultural Sciences

    Inland Norway University of Applied SciencesCampus EvenstadNO-2418 ElverumNorwayTel. +47 62430000Fax +47 62430851Dean of FacultyHarry P. International coordinatorEliana Tel. +47 62430873Elisabeth Riseth (on maternity leave till September 2017)Tel. +47 62430815Welco...
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    International office
  • Biotechnology

    In the years to come, biotechnology is expected to play an increasingly important role in our society. 
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  • Faculty of Education and Natural Sciences

    Inland Norway University of Applied SciencesFaculty of Education and Natural SciencesPhone no: +47 62430000Fax no: +47 62517601Terningen Arena, Hamarveien 1122418 ElverumNorwayDean of FacultyMorten Ørbeck+47 62 51 76 03International CoordinatorsGuro Hagen  / Cherry Chiuyi Lam +47 625 97 926 / +47 625 17 729Welcome to Faculty...